Happiness is about making your own waves in the pool. What’s stopping you from experiencing quality swimming pool at a pocket friendly rates? Buraha Zenoni is the place to be. With the ever evolving technology trends in the world, people have moved on from traditional swimming pools and are now opting for smart pools.

  If you are considering installing a smart pool, it is important you choose a reputable pool specialist who can provide a top of the line central management system. Here’s what a smart pool consist of and operates;

1.Smart pool central management system The pool technology companies have turned this management system into apps, websites and downloadable software that you can control remotely. This means that virtually everything your smart pool does is programmable, able to be scheduled, or able to be adjusted from a mobile device

2.Automated pool pumps If you’ve ever been responsible for a pool, you’ll know that traditional pool pumps can be quite expensive in terms of energy costs.

Automated pumps ensures that you always have the healthiest pool possible, for a reasonable price.

3.Self-cleaning pools Smart pools contain state of the art self-cleaning technology that allows them to clean themselves from the bottom up

4.Automated Salt chlorinators Smart pools with automated salt chlorinators automatically check the pH level of your pool water regularly and add chemicals accordingly, so the pH level in your pool is always perfect and safe for your family.

  While almost any pool is likely to add some value to your property, a well built, high quality smart pool can substantially boost the worth of your home and property. Visit us and make swimming a part of your lifestyle.        

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