We are honored to have Buraha Zenoni Hotel recognized by TravelMyth and to have been awarded in the following categories; Top 30 hotels in Nakuru, Featured hotel for families, featured hotel with parking, included in the accessible categories, business hotel category and honeymoon category.


  The hotel owes this awards to the valuable management and the dedicated employees who have worked day-in day-out to make the hotel one of the most recognizable brands in Kenya. We appreciate the customers too who believed in us and gave us continuous business which motivated us to work harder to give them the best services in our capacity.

This award will be the encouragement and rise in our enthusiasm for doing the best and reaching more heights. We are proud to being host to both regional and overseas visitors as we provide them with all sorts of modern amenities, creating a balanced world class environment and a full comfort space. Come visit us today and make your stay memorable.  

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