Let’s say you made Buraha Zenoni your Hotel of choice and decided to pay it a visit. First there is the wow factor as you pass through the gates: the imposing magnificence of the building and the meticulous atmosphere cultivated within the borders. The room you get checked into has lived up to the hype; you can now get comfortable and feel at home.

The word around is that dinner will be served at the rooftop lounge where the disk jockey is playing all your favorite hits. The reception from the staff is ever so warm as you get ushered to your table. The city lights shimmer at a distance as if to mimic the stars; the panoramic view is something to behold.

The chef’s special for the day is Chicken Kienyeji served with Brown Ugali and Managu (Black nightshade); the emphasis is indeed on Kenyan cuisine. Food is served steaming hot and garnished to delight. Your chilled drink sweats into your palm as you nod repeatedly to the music that already has you hooked. It is an all- round beautiful night at BZ.

You could not have had a better night’s sleep. The bed was super comfortable and the night was peaceful. To kick off your day, you decide to check your inbox, catch up on some news and ‘guiltily’ indulge in some entertainment. The browsing is flawless. After your shower, you feel revitalized and ready to take on the day. The kitchen had already outdone itself the previous night, they possibly could not do it again. Soon enough you learn why breakfast at BZ is the stuff of legends (a breakfast for the champions).

The day springs to life and the premise picks up the pace. The sun is scorching and a swim seems like the best antidote for the severe heat. Yet another sight to behold! The pool is lush and the water crystal clear; it is the best swim you have had in a long time. At a distance, the barbecue grill revs up and the aromatic smoke billows into the sky. You appetite is back especially after that intense work-out.

The grill master brings forth a prime cut rib as it is sizzling hot. From his friendly chatter you pick up that BZ rears its own flock! Every bite is an eruption of succulence and an ooze of culinary excellence. You want to take it all in: the timid breeze, the feel of grass under your feet, the joyful noise of children as they run around in the playground and to top it all off the explosion of flavor in you pallet.

Farewell comes with a heart laden with sadness as you had been ‘adopted’ as part the BZ family. You acknowledge that very good thing must come to an end. Despite the somber mood, the goodbyes carry a lot of anticipation and excitement. As if there is a silent and unanimous agreement that you are all bound to see each other again in the recent future. As the edifice vanishes into the horizon you.


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