You visited Buraha Zenoni and admired their landscape? You wish to have such a well-manicured landscape in your compound or your business? Worry no more, here are some tips on how to have a unique landscape.

I was privileged to spend my vacation in one of the best hotels in Nakuru city at BZ. While at my stay here, I got to interact and ask a few questions about their secret to having and maintaining their unique landscape. Here are some useful advice for homeowners and business owners.

Landscaping preparations

  • 1. Prepare by purchasing material: Mulch, garden soil, topsoil, composts, decorative gravel, crushed stone, landscaping sand, plants and trees.
  • 2. Carryout soil testing: Soil testing is the most effective way to determine the nutrient status and pH of the soil.
  • 3. Buy fertilizer: The soil test results will give you enough information on the nutrients required which will guide you in the right fertilizer to buy.
  • 4. Weeding: Can be done by pulling or use of chemicals so that the weeds cannot affect the plant growth
  • 5. Add a layer of mulch: it helps to prevent the growth of weeds.
  • 6. Have your water system ready. You can use a hose, watering can or a sprinkler.

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